Now, if you want to get in touch with me please do so, preferably ...

... by email stating your plans and desires. I will normally answer your email or get back to you by phone within two working days.

Phone:  +39 320 93 82 622


There are many many millions of photographs online – but those ...

... which stand out with high quality against the masses are only a few in number.

I therefore contribute only with a small number of photographs which have been considered in a way inspiring, refreshing and remarkable.


What I like most is to spend time with people in love. That's why ...

... I am doing a lot of wedding photography first of all. I am really committed to do portrait shootings on the "promenade" and not indoors with fancy studio flash light. And, I find travel and reportage imaging a joyful work to do.


Did you know that photography means "drawing with light" ?

I am a photographer who likes to draw with light by combining sensibility, intuition, patience and technical proficiency. It is my aim to create unique masterpieces that you will enjoy forever and preserve for generations to come.

On the Floor  |  June 2011

Galeria Hilario Galguera, Leipzig
Germany, 2009

Oh, this was a great place to be. The photo was taken while visiting an Art Gallery in Leipzig in early 2009. A good friend of mine and I where hanging out, exploring the city on our bicycles, jumping into that Gallery, a lovely assistant flirting with us, exchanging telephone numbers for the night ...  Did you actually know that "living outside Leipzig means living miserably"?  No, it wasn't the assistant whining about her origins but the famous unknown Benedikt Carpzov the Younger who had this very distinguished opinion.

Nikon D40 with 35/1.8 lens.